(+216) 71 78 76 86 info@labrosse.tn
(+216) 71 78 76 86 info@labrosse.tn

Who are we?

LA BROSSE is an industrial company based in Tunisia since 1697 specialized in the manufacture of household and personal hygiene brushes as well as paint brushes and rollers. We are a privileged partner of all the large-scale distribution and the main wholesale distributors. Internationally, our products are marketed in all neighboring countries and in West Africa. In Europe, we are mainly subcontractors for major retailers and suppliers of products for technical use. Our international success drives us to constantly explore new markets and to develop strategic partnerships that last over time.

Our history

To meet the challenge of industrialization of Tunisia post independence, Hedi Driss decided to found 1967 LA BROSSE, with the aim of providing the country with a company capable of meeting the needs of brushes in an industrial and professional manner. In its first year of existence, the company focused mainly on the production of handmade sorghum brooms. But the business soon expanded to include a multitude of other types of products, such as small brushes, hair and toothbrushes, as well as paint brushes and rollers. After more than half a century of industrial evolution and improvement, LA BROSSE now offers more than 150 products mainly manufactured in its facilities using world-renowned processes. The history of LA BROSSE has been written on a basic policy: to give a major importance to technological evolution and to the adoption of advanced management methods in order to guarantee industrial control and to offer customers a product with impeccable functionality at the best possible price.

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